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Today i will show you how to prepare broiled eel for sushi. You can often find this eel in your local asian supermarket, if you do not have an asian supermarker in your area you may purchase eel by clicking the Frozen Broiled Eel link. It will vary in price, I usually get the more expensive one because the quality is a lot better. If you buy the cheaper eel you may find bones in the eel, which is unpleasant. Eel is usually sold frozen, I let it thaw before preparing it. I cut the eel into thin long pieces for nicer presentation when topping rolls, but there are other cutting techniques that you may use.


Step #1 | Cut Eel in Half

[gn_frame]how to cut eel for sushi step 1[/gn_frame]

Once the eel is thawed remove it from packaging. Place the eel on your cutting board and cut it lengthwise down the middle.

Step #2 | Cut Eel Into Smaller Pieces

[gn_frame]how to cut eel part 2[/gn_frame]

Take one half of the eel and start cutting into at the narrow end. Cut diagonally to make longer pieces and at a 15 degree angle with the cutting board. This will make nice thin pieces of eel that can be used on top of sushi rolls.

Step #3 | Cook Eel

[gn_frame]how to cut eel part 3[/gn_frame]

Place your cut eel pieces onto a toaster oven rack. Broil for 5-10 minutes. This will make your eel crispier. Allow the eel to cool before using it to prepare sushi.

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  1. you just dropped by at my blog.. thanks a lot.. your cooking looks like a pro and I must admit I only can eat sushi at Jap resto… I don’t know how to do

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  2. I absolutely love sushi and have been looking forward to giving it a go at some point during our foodie adventures at home. These tutorials are really helpful, especially the videos. Looking forward to more posts here 🙂

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    Thank you for your comments. Nice blog! Good start and best of luck to you. The subject of sushi has a lot to explore, so I’m looking forward to your tutorials.


  6. Hello 🙂 I think, it isn’t difficult have own blog, but you must do some work 🙂
    Interesting recipe ^^

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