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Here I will show you how to make spicy mayonnaise. Spicy mayonnaise is great to use in salads or for decoration of sushi rolls, some people even enjoy dipping their sushi into it. You will find that everybody has their own way of making spicy mayonnaise. Some ingredients that people mix into their mayonnaise are chili spices, Sriracha, oils, sugar, scallions, and Masago (fish eggs). You can try a combination of any of the above to find a variation you most prefer, but I enjoy making my spicy mayonnaise from sugar, Sriracha, and Ichimi Togarashi. You can find links to purchase all necessary ingredients above.


Step #1 | Adding the Ingredients

First take your squeeze bottle and fill it with Japanese Mayonnaise. After you hace filled up your bottle add your ingredients. I have added a little bit of Srirachi sauce, a dash of Ichimi spices, and sugar.

[gn_frame]how to make spicy mayo 1[/gn_frame] [gn_frame]make spicy mayo[/gn_frame]

Step #2 | Mixing it Up

After you have added your ingredients, take your mixing spoon and start mixing up your mayonnaise. Taste it as you go to see if you need to add more spice or sweetness. You can also shake your squeeze bottle to help mix it.

[gn_frame]make spicy mayonnaise[/gn_frame]

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